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115th Congress House Floor Procedures Manual

This digital version of the Congressional Institute's Floor Procedures Manual for the U.S. House of Representatives is designed to assist the public, Members of Congress and their staff members in better understanding and following the daily activities on the Floor of the U.S. House.


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U.S. House of Representatives:
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U.S. Senate:
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Capitol Hill Orientation Guides

New to the DC Area? Need to find a place to live? A good restaurant? The closest Metro station? A cheap beer? Need to know who the Senate Majority Leader is? How to find a job on Capitol Hill? When Congress is in session? What it takes to pass a bill into law?

NOTE: A significant portion of this orientation site links to outside websites unaffiliated with The Congressional Institute. We do not endorse their opinions or guarantee their complete accuracy.

Legislative Process Guide

Legislative Definitions, Processes, Procedures and Terms for the Making of Laws in the US Senate and US House Inside you will find a number of links to authoritative discussions of the process and terms relevant to an idea becoming a federal law in the United States. To meet the needs of users with different levels of familiarity with Congress, we've included material with various degrees of detail and complexity. Each site is responsible for the accuracy of the information, which we believe is reliable. We invite you to take time to visit a number of these sites to get the most comprehensive picture of our country's legislative processes that has evolved over 200 years.


Surviving Inside Congress

A guide for prospective, new and not-so-new Congressional staff – and a guided tour for those who just want to learn how it works. Written by Mark Strand, Michael S. Johnson and Jerome F. Climer

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