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House Republican Leadership Positions

Speaker of the House

The position of Speaker is established in the U.S. Constitution and is the mostsenior officer of the House of Representatives (and the third most senior official in the entire federal government). Institutionally, the Speaker holds broad-ranging powers and presides over debate in the House, makes rulings on points of order, has priority right of recognition on the floor, and sets the agenda by deciding what legislation comes before the House. In addition, the Speaker appoints task forces and commissions, and oversees the management of support functions to the House. Finally, by modern practice, the Speaker serves as the primary spokesperson for his congressional party.

Website for the Speaker of the House
Website for the Speaker of the House: Hon. Paul D. Ryan

House Majority Leader
The Majority Leader, the second most senior official in the House, is by recent practice the day-to-day manager of business on the House Floor. In concert with other elected leaders, the Majority Leader has also assumed responsibilities for building and managing Republican Conference consensus on legislation.

Website for the Majority Leader
Website for the Majority Leader: Hon. Kevin McCarthy

House Majority Whip
The responsibilities of the Majority Whip include: persuading Members to support the Conference position on votes and projecting support for the Conference. The Majority Whip is assisted by a network of Members assigned to count votes and “whip” or convince their colleagues into supporting their party’s legislative position.

Website for the Majority Whip
Website for the Majority Whip: Hon. Steve Scalise
Website for Chief Deputy Majority Whip: Hon. Patrick McHenry

House Republican Conference Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary
The House Republican Conference is the organizational vehicle for all Republican Members of the House and their staff. The Conference hosts regular meetings of House Republicans and is the primary vehicle for communicating the party’s message to Members. The House Republican Conference has a Chairman who directs day-to-day operations of the Conference office and staff and is assisted by an elected Vice-Chairman and a Secretary.

Website for the House Republican Conference
Website for the Conference Chair: Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Website for the Conference Vice-Chair: Hon. Doug Collins
Website for the Conference Secretary: Hon. Jason Smith

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman
The Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee assists all House Leaders and Committee Chairmen in designing, developing and executing policy ideas within the Congress.

Website for the House Republican Policy Committee
Website for the Policy Chair: Hon. Mark Walker

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman
The Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) oversees the political committee of House Republicans which is not funded by tax dollars nor located in the Congressional complex.

Website for the National Republican Congressional Committee
Website for the NRCC Chair: Hon. Steve Stivers


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