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For Your Information: Obama Administration to Present Islamic State Response to Congress

For Your Information: President Obama Delays Immigration Executive Action to Charges of Opportunism from Right, Left; Congress Is Back In Session—What’s On the Agenda?

For Your Information: Senator Paul Lays Out Foreign Policy Principles; Analysis: Republicans Have Electoral Edge, But No Wave; Some Senate Democrats Balk at Immigration Executive Action Push; ISIS Congressional Briefings Set

For Your Information: House, Senate Plan Post-Recess Agenda; Political Questions Plaguing ISIS Response; Senator Coburn: Call an Amendment Convention

For Your Information: Members of Congress Press for Plans to Stop ISIS Following Sotloff Murder

For Your Information: Summer’s Over: Will the President Issue Immigration Executive Actions?; Analysis: What Will DC Do Before the Midterms?

For Your Information: More Members of Congress Request President Seek Authorization for Additional Islamic State Strikes; Opinion: Libertarians, Conservatives Need to Defend Constitution Together; Analysis: Is a Midterm Wave Coming?

For Your Information: C-SPAN to Cover 100+ Midterm Election Debates; President Reportedly May Sidestep Congress on International Climate Change Deal

For Your Information: McConnell: Congress Must See President’s IS Plans; Burger King-Tim Hortons Deal Prompts Renewed Criticism of Tax Inversion

For Your Information: Low Congressional Approval Rating, Higher Voter Participation; Will the President Seek Approval for ISIS Strikes? What Would Congress Say?

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