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For Your Information: U.S. Begins Airstrikes Against ISIL in Syria; House Judiciary Committee Presses for Immigration Executive Action Information

For Your Information: President to Talk Climate Change at UN; Eisenhower Memorial Commission at an Impasse; Midterm Election Analysis; House Passes Energy Bill, Authorizes Keystone Pipeline

For Your Information: Senate Approves President’s Plan to Fund Syrian Rebels; Speaker Boehner Details Economic Plan

For Your Information: House Votes to Train Syrian Rebels; Will Congress Allow Internet Taxes?; Ukrainian President Asks for Military Help

For Your Information: Executive Order Banning Obamacare Subsidies for Abortions Ignored; U.S. Celebrates Constitution Day

For Your Information: Senators: President Needs Congressional Authority to Wage War; A Day in the Life of Speaker Boehner

For Your Information: House GOP Prepares Energy Votes; Politico Poll: Voters Support Republicans on Immigration in Midterms; Speaker Boehner to Give Speech on Economy

For Your Information: Members of Congress Mull President’s Syria Request

For Your Information: President Obama: America to “Degrade”, “Destroy” ISIS

For Your Information: President, Congressional Leaders Discuss ISIS Strategy

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