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For Your Information: House Committees Approve Defense Department Fund Transfers to Fight Ebola

For Your Information: Members of Congress Call for Anti-Ebola Measures

For Your Information: ISIS Executes Additional Hostage; Graham, Reed Divided on Use of American Ground Troops

For Your Information: Ground Troops Needed to Defeat ISIS, Some Military Experts Say

For Your Information: Secret Service Director Resigns Following Congressional Testimony

For Your Information: Speaker Boehner: Immigration Reform Needed Now; Will Independents Deliver Senate Victories?

For Your Information: Speaker Boehner: U.S. Ground Troops Could Be Necessary to Destroy ISIS; Would a Senate Republican Majority Restore the Filibuster?; 20th Anniversary of the Contract with America

For Your Information: Members of Congress React to Attorney General Resignation

For Your Information: Federal Judges to Receive $1 Billion Extra in Back Pay, Benefits; Kansas Senator Resigns Eisenhower Memorial Commission; U.S. Allies Bomb Islamic State Oil Refineries

For Your Information: Anti-ISIS Actions to Continue Amid Calls for Congressional Vote; Some House Democrats in Blue States Facing Tough Races; Speaker Boehner: Use Private-Sector Experts for VA Audit

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