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Congress Debate on Energy

Energy Debate

Jeanne Cummings of Politico 

Michele Bachmann
Denny Rehberg
Fred Upton
Zach Wamp

Earl Blumenauer
Jay Inslee
Hilda Solis
Bart Stupak

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Denny Rehberg

Rep. Denny Rehberg
"They are taking their profits and are returning them back into technologies to make it more environmentally friendly, and that is what you want them to do. In the process, let’s not have government stand in the way of goo economic development, energy security for America, and that’s why we’re suggesting don’t tax the people that are trying to help us out of our energy crisis."       

Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann
"The only thing standing between the American people and the 88 billion barrels of oil that are available to them on the inter-continental shelf is the Democrat-controlled Congress." 

Fred Upton
Rep. Fred Upton
"We need to do it all, and one of the problems has been in this last year and a half is that amendments to allow for more drilling have been stopped at the very start." 
Zach Womp

Rep. Zach Wamp
"Votes have consequences. Policy positions and politics become very serious when you don’t do the right thing for a long period of time. Or when an excessive, extremist agenda gets in the way of the policymakers doing the right thing."

Hilda Solis

Rep. Hilda Solis
"I think that we are responsible – we do care about drilling, but in those areas that are already permitted and leased.  We haven’t seen a new refinery built in a number of years, in part because the oil companies said, ‘It’s too costly.’"      

Bart Stupak
Rep. Bart Stupak
"We believe in paying for programs, we’re just not passing it off to other generations, and we can get the energy independence by investing in renewables, but let’s put the money where it should go in these renewables." 
Jay Inslee Rep. Jay Inslee
"We are the Saudi Arabia of energy efficiency, and it would be nice if we had a bipartisan consensus about that.  Unfortunately, people have wanted, on the other side of the aisle, to put their money into the oil and gas industry, rather than into the efficiency and conservation industry." 
Earl Blumenauer
Rep. Earl Blumenauer
"One of the differences between Republicans and Democrats is that we actually are serious about making it happen."

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